Witte Molen Expert Premium Parrots for large parrots 1kg

Witte Molen Expert Premium Parrots for large parrots 1kg
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Premium mix for parrots with a varied selection of grains and vegetables, with pieces of carrots, sunflower seeds and rosehip seeds. In addition, the feed contains small amounts of raisins and almonds for even greater acceptability. With vitamin pellets. Due to the lower fat level, this product is most suitable for cockatoos and amazons.

  • Varied selection of top ingredients
  • With vitamin pellets for optimal health
  • Low fat, best suited for cockatoos and amazons
  • High palatability
  • Suitable for various birds


Safflower seeds, sunflower seeds (13%), buckwheat, paddy rice, oats, husked oats, yellow millet, wheat, white millet, rosehip seeds (3%), beo pellets, corn popcorn, pea flakes, carrot pieces (2%) , red millet, wheat popcorn, raisins (1%), hazelnuts, almonds (0.75%), red peppers


Crude protein 12.62%
Gross fat 13.96%
Crude fiber 15.16%
Gross ash 3.03%
Calcium, 7 g / kg
Phosphorus 2.24 g / kg
Sodium, 46 g / kg


Vitamin A 599 IU
Vitamin D3 59 IU
Vitamin E 9 mg
Vitamin C 22 mg
E1 Iron, 2 mg
E6 Zinc