Rajen cat tree M7

Rajen cat tree M7
Rajen cat tree M7
Rajen cat tree M7
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One of our traditional cat trees built for variety, rest, and adventure. The M7 is 130 cm high and features one of our comfortable cat hammocks. In addition, this cat tree features many platforms, platforms, and three scratching posts wrapped in high-quality sisal rope. Each platform is designed to fit one of the soft pillows from our selection made specifically for cats.

With four platforms in total, this cat tree is suitable for the whole cat family.

Sisal rope: the best material for scratching

In our experience, sisal rope provides the very best scratching experience for all cats. We make sure to import only from reliable suppliers who stock rope with the best texture, colour, and durability. As a result, our scratchers and their scratching surfaces last far longer than ordinary scratching carpets or standard rope.

Pillows made for feline comfort

The pillows we use and the fabrics we choose for them are designed specifically for cats: We recommend that you choose a colour that most closely matches that of your cat‘s coat. That way, the cat hair is less visible and the cat tree with its pillows does not need to be tidied as often. All the pillows can we washed in the washing machine and are easily replaced.

if you prefer variety, It is even possible to order multiple sets in multiple colours. All of our pillows can be ordered separately.

Create your perfect cat tree

All of our cat trees, cat scratchers, and scratching posts are bespoke and built only after we receive an order. That also means that if you would like us to adjust the height, platforms, or any other details about the cat tree, you can just let us know; We will contact you and arrange the details.

Some adjustments might not be possible exactly as you want them, because we have to make sure the final cat tree is stable and safe for the cats (or there may be technical limitations), but we always strive to match our customer‘s expectations as closely as possible.

How to contact us

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at info@rajenpets.cz in Czech, English, Polish, or Slovakian.

Assembly instructions here: http://www.rajenpets.cz/plany/M7.pdf

General information related to our Rajen cat trees and scratchers:

Scratching posts

  • Thickness of sisal rope: 12 mm
  • Diameter of scratching posts: 145 mm
  • Thickness of the posts' outer layer: 22 mm

Pillows, cushions, and hammocks

  • Washable in the washing machine up to 30°C
  • 19 different colours and patterns

Platforms and shelves

  • Material: high-quality plywood, thickness 15 mm or 18 mm
  • Paint: painted with colourless and non-hazardous (safe for children and animals) varnish

Cat tree bases

  • Material: high-quality plywood, thickness 40 mm or 45 mm

Connecting screws

  • M10 metal screws and double-ended screws
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