Jerob Star Dust Powder - Cranberry Sugar

Jerob Star Dust Powder - Cranberry Sugar
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Stardust for editing champion Jerob

Powder is used at exhibitions around the world to improve color, remove grease at the exhibition, or mask small hair defects. We deliver a full range of colors! You will definitely choose the right one. Colors can be combined to achieve the desired effect.

Fine ground powder sticks very well on your hair - use powder sparingly. Apply it best with cosmetic brushes of varying size - depending on how much hair you want the powder to use. Use Jerob Stur Dust Powder in advance to prevent a "blunted" effect. The word stuck is not true, as it is a powder, but a more suitable expression has not yet been found. We recommend trying the app at home and then on the show! (Supplied in 100g package).

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