Happy Cat Sensitive Ente (duck) 1.4 kg

Happy Cat Sensitive Ente (duck) 1.4 kg
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Complete dry SUPER PREMIUM SENSITIVE food for all adult cats. With delicious duck meat. No additives!

Many cats have a very sensitive digestive system and are sensitive to commercial feed. They therefore need a high-quality feed with a very special composition that does not contain grain and has, if possible, a minimum of protein sources. Happy Cat Sensitive Ente is the best suitable food for such sensitive animals, because it contains a single source of animal protein, which optimally supplies the cat, but does not burden its body. Above all, it does not contain cereals. This exceptional recipe contains high-quality duck meat and other exclusive ingredients, such as delicious rice, easily digestible gluten-free potatoes and vitamin-rich cranberries. Pamper your cat gently and naturally gluten-free. The reduced content of energy and fats facilitates digestion and provides all sensitive cats with the best basis for a healthy and vital life.

All the important components that a cat needs to stay healthy and vital are also included in this food in the form of the revolutionary Happy Cat ALL IN ONE concept: hair roll control, dental care, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for the skin and coat, taste guarantee, high proportion of animal proteins and also Happy Cat Natural Life Concept®. It brings a high proportion of taurine and a balanced content of minerals and thus has a positive effect on the optimization of urine pH and thus effectively prevents the formation of urinary stones.

Thanks to its exceptional composition, Happy Cat Sensitive Ente is perfect especially for individuals with sensitive digestion and for real gourmets. Pamper your cat gently and naturally gluten-free!

Without the addition of artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives. Made in Germany under the strictest quality control!


duck protein ** (23%), rice flour (22%), rice protein (19%), poultry fat, potato flakes (5%), liver hydrolyzate, cellulose *, sunflower oil, sugar beet * (desugared), cranberries * (0.5%), sodium chloride, apple pulp * (0.4%), yeast *, rapeseed oil, potassium chloride, seaweed * (0.2%), flaxseed (0.2%), yucca schidigera * (0.04%), chicory root (0.04%), yeast * (extracted), milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, ginger, birch leaf, nettle, chamomile, coriander, rosemary, sage, licorice root, thyme , (total dried herbs: 0.18%). (* dried, ** dried, partially hydrolysed).

Analytical components

crude protein 30.0%; crude fat 18.0%; crude fiber 3.0%; coarse ash 6.5%; calcium 1.3%; phosphorus 0.85%; sodium 0.4%; potassium 0.95%; magnesium 0.06%; Omega-6 fatty acids 2.8%; Omega-3 fatty acids 0.3%


Vitamins / kg: vitamin A 18,000 IU; vitamin D3 1,800 IU; vitamin E 100 mg; vitamin B1 5 mg; vitamin B2 6 mg; vitamin B6 4 mg; biotin 700 µg; calcium pantothenate 12 mg; niacin 45 mg; vitamin B12 75 µg; choline 75 mg. Trace elements / kg: iron 120 mg; copper 12 mg; zinc 150 mg; manganese 30 mg; iodine 2.5 mg; selenium 0.2 mg. Amino acids / kg: DL-methionine 4,500 mg; taurine 1.000 mg. Antioxidants: tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils.

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