Happy Cat Minkas Hairball Control 10kg

Happy Cat Minkas Hairball Control 10kg
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Complete PREMIUM food for adult cats to prevent hair rolls.

Happy Cat Minkas Hairball Control is a full-fledged Premium food for all adult cats. The increased fiber content promotes the excretion of swallowed hair and its excretion in the faeces and reduces the formation of hair rolls. It is thus the optimal food for long-haired breeds of cats.

High-quality animal proteins (72% *), the absence of soy and other plant protein extracts, high-quality cereal raw materials and the absence of artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives give this Premium feed excellent digestibility and a very good intake.

* of the total protein content

100% balanced and suitable, WITHOUT artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, 0% added sugar.

Made in Germany under the strictest quality control!


poultry protein ** (32%), wheat flour, wheat, corn, poultry fat, potato protein, fish meal, sugar beet * (desugared), lignocellulose, sunflower oil, apple pulp *, sodium chloride, rapeseed oil, Yucca schidigera * (0.04%); *) dried, **) dried, partially hydrolysed.

Analytical components

crude protein 30.0%; crude fat 12.0%; crude fiber 3.0%; coarse ash 6.5%; calcium 1.2%; phosphorus 0.9%; sodium 0.35%; potassium 0.6%; magnesium 0.15%; omega-6 fatty acids 2.5%; omega-3 fatty acids 0.35%.


Vitamins / kg: vitamin A (3a672a) 15,000 IU, vitamin D3 (3a671) 1,250 IU, vitamin E (all-rac-alpha-tocopherol acetate 3a700) 75 mg, taurine (3a370) 1,000 mg. Antioxidants, tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 1b306 (i). Trace elements / kg: iron (ferrous sulphate monohydrate 3b103) 130 mg, copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate 3b405) 12 mg, zinc (zinc oxide 3b603) 100 mg, manganese (manganese oxide 3b502) 15 mg, iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous 3b202 ) 1.5 mg, selenium (E8, sodium selenite) 0.15 mg. Amino acids / kg: DL-methionine (3c301) 4.500 mg.

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