Acidomide E bacterial prevention for exotic 500ml

Acidomide E bacterial prevention for exotic 500ml
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ACIDOMID ® is a top product of a modern concept that acts not only against the growth of pathogenic bacteria, but also greatly inhibits the growth and proliferation of intracellular parasites such as coccidia. However, ACIDOMID ® is not a drug, nor does it contain coccidiostats and does not leave residue in the body. It also does not have any protection periods.

ACIDOMID ® contains all the organic acids important for digestion and digestion. Organic acids acidify the supply water, effectively preserving and stabilizing it. Thus, the undesirable propagation of pathogenic bacteria and fungi in feed water, feeders and water supply systems is greatly reduced. Organic acids are easily digestible, they can also be used as a source of energy in the body. Organic acids also reduce digestive tract problems and improve protein digestibility.

ACIDOMID ® due to substances of natural character reduces the propagation of intracellular parasites, such as coccidia. For maximum effect, however, regular feeding to the feedwater is necessary at any time.

ACIDOMID ® as the only product of its kind on the market contains a balanced ratio of electrolytic elements supporting the efficacy of the individual active ingredients of the product. Electrolytes accelerate and increase the transfer of active substances through the cell membrane into the cell's interior.


  • minerals, electrolytes
  • organic acids (formic, propionic, lactic, acetic, citric and others)
  • vitamin C
  • extracts of natural origin
  • treated drinking water

Feeding instructions:

it is given in 10 ml per 1 liter of drinking water throughout the year. For the first 2-3 days at the start of dosing, a half dose (0.5%, ie 5 ml per 1 liter of feed water) is recommended.